Professional antiviral vehicle sanitisation and disinfection in Leeds

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Antiviral Vehicle Sanitisation

Effective car disinfecting service with a proven antiviral & antibacterial sanitiser. Eliminates 99.999% of harmful microorganisms Performed with EN 1276 sanitising product that is designed for regular deep surface disinfection and pathogen control. The sanitiser has been lab-tested and proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs, such as E-Coli, Flu Virus (H1N1), Coronavirus, MRSA and more within minutes.

Performed by trained and fully-equipped technicians All technicians have been accredited and are trained to execute the interior car sanitising treatment effectively and safely. They complete the job fully-protected with PPE, wearing appropriate face masks, goggles, protective clothing and gloves.

Suitable for all types of vehicles Perfect for vehicles of all sizes, such as cars, SUVs, vans, caravans, motorhomes, buses, train carriages, etc. Sanitises effectively all interior surfaces, including high-touch areas, fixtures and fittings. Removes unpleasant odours and maintains hygienic conditions with great results.

Full coverage of Leeds and wide availability Available in Leeds within the West Yorkshire zone during and outside business hours. Always aiming to respond fast and promptly to our commercial customers’ requests. Suitable for companies and business owners from various industry sectors.

Specialist sanitisation and disinfection for any type of vehicle

Fantastic Services in car disinfecting services, available in Leeds and suitable for all types of vehicles. The antiviral and antibacterial product, we use, eliminates effectively a number of pathogens from any type of interior hard surfaces and upholstered fittings. It does not leave any marks or stains on seating and door panels.

Car, SUV, van and bus sanitising

We can disinfect various types of commercial or private vehicles, including taxi fleet cars, delivery cars and vans, ride-sharing vehicles, rental vehicles, public-utilities vehicles, minibuses, public transport buses and coach buses, and more.

High-standard health prevention results

The service has been developed to sanitise all interior car surfaces and fittings, as well as the exterior door handles, too. The result is effective antimicrobial and antiviral disinfection, which will safeguard your employees and business clients against pathogen transmission.

How we perform our vehicle disinfection service

The service is executed by highly-skilled and dedicated cleaning technicians, who follow strictly the steps below:

The expert, first, vacuums the whole interior of the vehicle.

Then, he’ll spray all surfaces and fixtures with a certified antibacterial sanitising product, which also has strong antiviral properties and kills pathogens within 5 minutes.

The cleaner focuses on all high-touch surfaces and fittings, such as the steering wheel, the dashboard, the gear stick, all armrests, seats, mats, doors, door handles, lock buttons and other interior fixtures, like seat adjusters, cupholders, ventilation grilles, seat belts and buckles, window buttons, mirrors, radio, climate control buttons and more.

All exterior door handles, the tailgate handle, the wing mirrors and windscreen wiper blades will be also thoroughly disinfected with the product.

The service takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Large-sized motor vehicles (ex: buses and coaches) will take longer to disinfect, of course.
Please, note that once the detergent has been applied, it will be left to air dry. We do not wipe the area, once it’s been sprayed.

Disinfecting your vehicle interior against coronavirus transmission and COVID-19 infection

To reinforce personal protection, we strongly advise that you disinfect and wash your hands every time you use your fresh-sanitised vehicle. In addition, consider putting on disposable gloves before you set off driving, in order to minimise the risk of contamination of your steering wheel, gear stick and other areas that you touch.
Avoid touching your face in any case, especially if your job is to deliver goods, handle packages or provide services that involve leaving your vehicle and being in contact with surfaces and items. Again, wash your hands as often as you can during your daily job operations. Do always wear mask if there is another person with you in the car.
Ensure that all your driver-employees follow the above health-prevention advice.

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